We Happy Restaurant Wiki

Blue Jacket Girl is a customer the player can recruit through the BADPIE.


Going to order[]

  • Gene-enhanced meal!
  • Cosmetic food makes me beautiful!
  • This flying ring? I think that’s a proposal!
  • I need to be more beautiful!
  • This feeling, so different!

Starting to eat[]

  • Ah…wow…hmm…haa…
  • So beautiful… absolutely stunning!
  • I feel reborn.
  • May I continue?
  • Is this true love?

Being angry[]

  • Ah… Ahhh! The mutation hasn’t begun yet.
  • I want… want more… a lot more!
  • It’s all a lie. You can’t keep me waiting so long!
  • Mooore!
  • I sensed disturbance.

Being resold[]

  • Don’t abandon me
  • You’ll always be by my side, right?
  • Don’t dump me! I’ll be more beautiful than ever!
  • Always have you by my side
  • Only you appreciate my beauty!


Levels Meal Money per meal Checkout time Digest time Resell
Blue Jacket Girl 1.png

Level 1

Steak 1.png  Steak Machine 1000 - 1005 Cash.png 40s 2m 1670 Cash.png
Blue Jacket Girl 2.png

Level 2

Steak 2.png Adv. Steak Machine 1200 - 1205 Cash.png 40s 2m 2004 Cash.png
Blue Jacket Girl 3.png

Level 3

Steak 3.png Super Steak Machine Wine 1.png  Wine Machine 1440 - 1445 Cash.png 40s 2m 2405 Cash.png
Blue Jacket Girl 4.png

Level 4

Steak 4.png Prime Steak Machine Wine 2.png Adv. Wine Machine Fries 4.png Prime Frying Machine 1728 - 1733 Cash.png 40s 2m 2886 Cash.png
Blue Jacket Girl 5.png

Level 5

Steak 5.png Divine Steak Machine Wine 3.png Super Wine Machine Fries 5.png Divine Frying Machine Lamb 5.png Divine Lamb Oven 2073 - 2078 Cash.png 40s 2m 3462 Cash.png