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Food Machine is a part of the restaurant.

Food Machine is used to make food, and can only be built in the production lines.

There are 18 Food Machine in total:

Burger Radiator.png Chicken Oven.png Mercury Pump.png
Burger Radiator Chicken Oven Mercury Pump

Bio-Pizza Machine.png Tofu Fermenter.png Exotics Synthesizer.png
Bio-Pizza Machine Tofu Fermenter Exotics Synthesizer

Frying Machine.png Lamb Oven.png Pasta Machine.png
Frying Machine Lamb Oven Pasta Machine

Sushi Machine.png Wine Machine.png Steak Machine.png
Sushi Machine Wine Machine Steak Machine

Coffee Machine.png Candy Machine.png Protein Powder Machine.png
Coffee Machine Candy Machine Protein Powder Machine

Pancake Machine.png Fried Rice Machine.png Extra Dimensions Machine.png
Pancake Machine Fried Rice Machine Extra Dimensions Machine


Each food machine can be upgrade 4 times up to level 5 to produce more food. Five levels of the food machines are:

  1. Normal
  2. Advanced
  3. Super
  4. Prime
  5. Divine

After each upgrade, the food machine can produce one more food.

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