"Congratulations on deploying the Chicken Oven!

Our genetically modified chickens are superb by all our internal standards. It's carefully designed by our R&D department, only replacing 50% of the genes from your regular neighborhood chickens.

The chickens are particularly resilient, making them even better for situations like a nuclear or zombie apocalypse. I'm not sure zombies will like them though. But our customers do!"

Chicken Oven is a food machine found in the game.

It can only be built in the production lines.

It can only produce Chicken.

Upgradings Edit

Generations Food Produced Cost Cash Pending time Resell Cash
Chicken Oven

Chicken Oven

Chicken 1 1,000 1m10s (can be skipped with 1Green Essence) 250
Adv. Chicken Oven

Chicken Oven

Chicken 1 Chicken 2 3,000 3m20s (can be skipped with 2Green Essence) 1000
Super Chicken Oven

Chicken Oven

Chicken 1 Chicken 2 Chicken 3 9,000 10m (can be skipped with 5Green Essence) 3250
Prime Chicken Oven

Chicken Oven

Chicken 1 Chicken 2 Chicken 3 Chicken 4 36,000 30m (can be skipped with 15Green Essence) 12250
Divine Chicken Oven

Chicken Oven

Chicken 1 Chicken 2 Chicken 3 Chicken 4 Chicken 5 144,000 1hr30m (can be skipped with 45Green Essence) 48250
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