"Coffee may be the most popular drink on the street right now.

We make our coffee by feeding civets coffee cherries and then collecting fermented beans off their feces. But civets also have rights, and may not be put to work indefinitely.

As an alternative, we also feed ourselves those coffee cherries."

Coffee Machine is a food machine found in the game.

It can only be built in the production lines.

It can only produce Coffee.

Upgradings Edit

Generations Food Produced Cost Cash Pending time Resell Cash
Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine

Wine 1 280,000 21m50s (can be skipped with 11Green Essence) 70,000
Adv. Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine

Wine 1 Wine 2 570,000 1hr (can be skipped with 30Green Essence) 212,500
Super Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine

Wine 1 Wine 2 Wine 3 1,400,000 3hr10m (can be skipped with 95Green Essence) 562,500
Prime Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine

Wine 1 Wine 2 Wine 3 Wine 4 6,400,000 9hr40m (can be skipped with 290Green Essence) 2,162,500
Divine Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine

Wine 1 Wine 2 Wine 3 Wine 4 Wine 5 30,700,000 29hr10m (can be skipped with 875Green Essence) 9,842,500
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