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* Starving.
* Starving.
Currently there are 21 {{PAGENAME}} in the game.
Currently there are 27 {{PAGENAME}} in the game.
== List of {{PAGENAME}} ==
== List of {{PAGENAME}} ==
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| colspan="4" |<hr />
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|[[Paper Bag Guy]]
|[[Paper Bag Guy]]

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Customers are the restaurant's main source of income.


There are two types of customers: normal customers (which is persuaded with cash) and elite customers (which is persuaded with green essence).

Normal customers


To make the customers eat in the restaurant, first, the player must persuade them through the BADPIE. All of them have different persuading costs, and the persuading cost of each Customers also varies within a range.


After being persuaded or finishing meals, the Customers will go for a stroll for purchasing their meals.


After purchasing their meals, the Customers will start eating. All Customers have different dietary needs, and need different time to finish their meals.


The player can help the Customers digest faster (or shorten their eating time) by tapping on them, then repeatedly tapping the 'Digest' button.


When the Customers can't buy their corresponding meals, they will get starved, wander around and negative self-talk.


Customers occasionally have a speech bubble above their heads, indicate that they are self-talking. Customers self-talk when:

  • Starting or finish their meals.
  • Starving.

Currently there are 27 Customers in the game.

List of Customers

Blue Jacket Girl 1 Fat Guy 1 Fireman 1 Glasses Guy 1
Blue Jacket Girl Fat Guy Fireman Glasses Guy

Hazmat Suit Guy 1 High School Girl 1 Pigtail Hair Girl 1 Pink Dress Girl 1
Hazmat Suit Guy High School Girl Pigtail Hair Girl Pink Dress Girl

Plague Doctor 1 Policeman 1 Punk Guy 1 Red Dress Girl 1
Plague Doctor Policeman Punk Guy Red Dress Girl

Secret Agent 1 Tall Guy 1 Tanned Guy 1 Turban Guy 1
Secret Agent Tall Guy Tanned Guy Turban Guy

White Shirt Guy 1 Worker 1
White Shirt Guy [[[Worker]] Black Guy Warrior

Paper Bag Guy

Elite customers


Similar to normal customers, the player can persuade them through the BADPIE. All of them can be persuaded with 10 essence each.


All of elite customers have similar actions to normal customer, including strolling, eating, digesting, starving and self-talking.


Each elite customers have a random special effect. The effects include but not limited to:

  • food purchases generate more happiness.
  • reduces machine slot price by 50%.
  • provides a 5% to all decorations (not stackable); but holds 5 customers slots and eats for free.
  • increases customer resell price; but holds 5 customers slots and eats for free.
  • all customers level up faster
  • all machines 5% off; but holds 5 customer slots and eats for free.
  • provides a 10% bonus to all cash income; but holds 5 customer slots and eats for free
  • adds 20 green essences when eternally satisfied
  • 50% off customer persuasion price.
  • Increases construction speed; but holds 5 customer slots and eats for free.


Each elite customers look like their normal customer counterparts, but with different color scheme and slightly different design.

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