Basics Edit

Food Machines are a part of the restaurant.

Food Machines are used to make food.

Food Machines can only be built in the production lines.

There are 12 Food Machines in total:

Burger Radiator Chicken Oven Mercury Pump
Burger Radiator Chicken Oven Mercury Pump

Bio-Pizza Machine Tofu Fermenter Exotics Synthesizer
Bio-Pizza Machine Tofu Fermenter Exotics Synthesizer

Frying Machine Lamb Oven Pasta Machine

Sushi Machine Wine Machine Steak Machine

Coffee Machine Candy Machine Protein Powder Machine

Pancake Machine Fried Rice Machine Extra Dimensions Machine

Upgrade Edit

Each food machine can be upgrade 4 times up to level 5 to produce more food. Five levels of the food machines are:

  1. Normal
  2. Advanced
  3. Super
  4. Prime
  5. Divine

After each upgrade, the food machine can produce one more food.

Food Machine Line Edit

Each customer in each meal can only buy food from one food machine line. At the start of each line, there is an order table. The player can add sauce, view food produced and quick upgrade machines in the corresponding line. The player can also speed up ordering process by tapping at the "Speed up" button multiple times.

Because each meal can be bought at only one machine line, it is advisable that the player plan the machine line accordingly to the customer's diet.

There are up to 6 food machine lines in the game, each but the first can be unlock by upgrading the restaurant.

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