We Happy Restaurant Wiki

Plague Doctor is a customer the player can recruit through the BADPIE.


Going to order[]

  • Do you have a fever?
  • Disease, tasty
  • Plague and rotten meat, hehe, hahahaha
  • I bring infection, death and evolution.
  • gurugurugurger

Starting to eat[]

  • Forget the pain, enjoy the moment!
  • Black plague is growing strong.
  • Ah! the tinted smell of rot!
  • This ocean of bones, it's nourishing me.
  • Replicate and reproduce!

Being angry[]

  • Quiet! It’ll be over soon
  • Want to die again?
  • Ignorant, truly ignorant
  • No one can escape. It’s only a matter of time.
  • Mutation stopped?

Being resold[]

  • I’ll always be around.
  • More patients, ah!
  • I’m everywhere.
  • Getting away from these maniacs
  • I am eternal!


Levels Meal Money per meal Checkout time Digest time Resell
Plague Doctor 1.png

Level 1

Pasta 1.png  Pasta Machine 720 - 725 Cash.png 40s 1m40s 1202 Cash.png
Plague Doctor 2.png

Level 2

Pasta 2.png Adv. Pasta Machine 864 - 869 Cash.png 40s 1m40s 1443 Cash.png
Plague Doctor 3.png

Level 3

Pasta 3.png Super Pasta Machine Fries 1.png  Frying Machine 1036 - 1041 Cash.png 40s 1m40s 1730 Cash.png
Plague Doctor 4.png

Level 4

Pasta 4.png Prime Pasta Machine Fries 2.png Adv. Frying Machine Lamb 1.png  Lamb Oven 1243 - 1248 Cash.png 40s 1m40s 2076 Cash.png
Plague Doctor 5.png

Level 5

Pasta 5.png Divine Pasta Machine Fries 3.png Super Frying Machine Lamb 2.png Adv. Lamb Oven Mercury 5.png Divine Mercury Pump 1491 - 1496 Cash.png 40s 1m40s 2490 Cash.png